Véronique Gengler
Family and couple therapy
Family and couple therapy
Véronique Gengler

Family and judicial mediation

Bar training on
problems of high conflict separations
EMDR therapy

Véronique Gengler - Family and couple therapy


Véronique Gengler - couple therapy in Antibes

Who is Véronique Gengler?

Coming from a psycho-pedagogical background where I worked in the field of teaching and research, I have undertaken an evolutionary process towards a sphere that I am passionate about: mediation and conflict management. 


Active in the field of family and couples through work groups, discussion groups, publication of articles and courses taught for many years, I have acquired specific and useful skills in this field. At the same time, I obtained a diploma in Mediation from the Faculty of Law of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, a training in marital relations counselling, completed by a systemic approach to therapy.
Passionate, I remain in perpetual continuous training: sexology, seminars and various conferences in the field of the couple, the family, mediation and various psychopathologies.

In the context of individual therapy and in support of other therapies, such as family and couple therapy, I am training with the Open University specifically for "Borderline" patients, also known as "Borderline States", with additional training in dialectal behaviour therapy.

I have also completed a training course, again with the Open University, in EMDR therapy (see section on the site).
My skills as a mediator are of great help to me in my practice and in the service of couples or families who wish to benefit from them, even during therapy.

Family mediation in Antibes

What more can it offer you?

In addition to my training in psychoeducation, child psychology, marital and family therapy, adult psychopathology, psychoanalysis, NLP, EMDR, my legal training as a mediator allows me, in cases of separation, to give downstream advice that can avoid long and costly procedures.

It is even possible for me to advise and pre-draft a settlement which has the value of a judgment in the eyes of the law. However, it is a lawyer who finalizes the drafting of the latter, as my professional ethics forbid me to be a mediator and to draft the settlement.
This advice can avoid a lot of pain and long procedures that are costly in terms of time, money and emotional exhaustion, not to mention the collateral damage to the family and the children in particular.
I specialise in conflictual separations and particularly in cases ofparental alienation, when one of the parents loses the link with his or her child or children whereas before the separation the relationship was "normal".

I have undergone university training in EMDR therapy.

I have also trained in dialectal therapies that deal with borderline disorder, a term I do not like.
I am also particularly informed and trained in the subject of high potential children.
A long life and professional experience gives me a benevolent perspective in the most difficult situations.
Bilingual in French and English, I can function in both languages.

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