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Family and couple therapy
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"Oddly enough, a positive evaluation is in the long run as threatening as a negative one, because telling someone they are 'good' also gives you the right to tell them they are 'bad'. So I came to feel that the more I could maintain a relationship free of judgement and evaluation, the more it would allow the other person to reach a point where he or she would recognise that the locus of evaluation, the centre of responsibility, lay within themselves. Carl Rogers

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The discussion group is a space for exchange around an issue common to all members. This therapeutic practice, or sometimes simply informative,helps to overcome feelings of isolation by sharing experiences and difficulties. This encourages mutual support and allows people to mobilise inner resources that are often unsuspected.

The thematic discussion groups offered consist of several sessions lasting two hours each. These groups are led by myself or co-led by colleagues (psychologists, psychiatrists, health professionals, lawyers, etc.) who are specialists in the topic of the day.
The discussion group sessions take place in a spirit of mutual respect and kindness. The rhythm of each person, the respect of speaking or not, confidentiality and non-judgment are the values that animate us in helping others.

Themes are proposed in relation to the requests of patients or health colleagues such as bereavement, dealing with separations, children with school difficulties, loss of child/parent relationship...

Each session ends with a self-assessment by the group and the facilitators. The facilitators commit themselves to collecting conclusions, addresses, resources and possible perspectives and making them available to the participants at the end of the sessions.

The programme of the sessions and their cost will be communicated in advance, bearing in mind that each session is dependent on a sufficient number of registrations. 

If you have any suggestions for groups, registration requests or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page

or by telephone.

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