Véronique Gengler
Family and couple therapy
Family and couple therapy
Véronique Gengler

Family and judicial mediation

Bar training on
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EMDR therapy

Véronique Gengler - Family and couple therapy

Why, where, how to consult?

Why consult me?

Come and consult me as a family if: 

There are questions about your child/children.
Someone close to you is suffering and you think something should be done.
A serious family event is seriously disturbing the family balance.

Come as a couple if: 

Both of you believe that the suffering is rooted in your relationship.
You both don't know where the suffering is coming from but want to understand and move on.
You are thinking of separating.
You are looking for a successful separation.
Your separation is becoming too conflictual and you are no longer able to manage it.

Consult alone if : 


  • You think you are a victim of post-traumatic stress or childhood traumas: I practice EMDR
  • You have a problem, you suffer from it and you want it to change.
  • Your entourage is not available.
  • You are alone in seeking change.
  • Your separation is too difficult to handle alone and your partner does not want to participate in couple therapy.
  • You need help to get through whatever stage you're at.

Participate in my discussion groups if the topics speak to you and the support of empathic people seems like a good idea in your situation.

Where to go?

You can consult me in Antibes 

Résidence des Fleurs, 13-15, rue Sadi Carnot

06600 Antibes (sound osteo)

or in Roquefort-les-Pins

895, (141bis) route de la Colle

06330 Roquefort-les-Pins


I also consult at home within a radius of 20 km around these 2 cities


Consultation hours:

  Monday and Thursday and Friday in Antibes, from 9.30 am to 8 pm.
Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at your home or by phone.

Course of a consultation

The first session lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, the following ones 50 minutes.

If it is a couple session, I usually take the couple in the first session, a session with each person in the following weeks, and a session as a couple again to take stock and decide together what to do next. There is no obligation, of course, to follow this pattern. Each person is free to leave the therapy at any time without having to justify it.
If you are late for an appointment, it will end at the scheduled time out of respect for the following ones.

In my consultations, the emphasis is on creating a soothing environment where speech is free, no matter what it entails and without fear of judgement.

Some patients will find that they are able to start talking about their lives and the difficulties they are facing from the first session. Sometimes this can cause strong emotions or relief at finally being able to put into words what has happened recently in their lives.
Each session is unique, unique in its place in the process, unique in the people involved and in the links between them.

Why, where, how to consult? - Antibes office
Antibes office

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