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Family and couple therapy
Family and couple therapy
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EMDR therapy

Véronique Gengler - Family and couple therapy

EMDR therapy


EMDR is aimed at anyone (from children to adults) suffering from emotional disturbances generally linked to psychological trauma.

These can be "obvious" traumas, such as physical and psychological violence, sexual abuse, serious accidents, deaths, serious illnesses, fires, natural disasters, war situations and attacks.
It can also be trauma that goes unnoticed and can be the source of inappropriate or excessive emotions or behaviour in daily life (disrupted childhood, separations, miscarriages and abortions, bereavements, professional difficulties, etc).

These emotional disturbances are expressed in various forms: irritability, anxiety, nightmares, a tendency to isolate, depression, agitated or even violent behaviour, physical pain, somatisation, regression in the child and many others.

Other psychological disorders are also, in some cases, the result of recent or old traumas, sometimes unconscious: depression, addictions, eating disorders, panic attacks, phobias.

These disturbances appear when our brain is overwhelmed by a traumatic shock and is unable to process the information as it normally does. It remains stuck on the event, without us being aware of it, and it is the unprocessed traumatic experiences that are the source of these disturbances.

EMDR allows the natural mechanisms of information processing to be unblocked and the trauma can finally be reprocessed, even many years later.

Today, EMDR is a therapeutic approach recognised worldwide by the scientific community for its effectiveness in the treatment of post-traumatic disorders.

EMDR therapy is recognised by :
- the World Health Organization (WHO) since July 2012
- the American Psychiatric Association (2004)
- the HAS (Haute Autorité de la Santé)

The list of the main studies and numerous articles are available on the website: www.emdr-france.org

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