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Family and couple therapy
Family and couple therapy
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What happens in family or couple therapy?


A family therapist, marriage counsellor aims not to take sides, place blame, or provide 'off the shelf' solutions. He or she seeks to encourage people to share a mutual understanding and explore avenues of work that are specific to them.

Sessions with a family therapist usually last between 50-60 minutes, depending on the client's needs and time arrangements. The family therapist creates an atmosphere where people feel welcome, and gives everyone a chance to contribute to discussions if they wish.

Ways of working are adapted according to people's ages, needs, resources and preferences. Sessions involving children, for example, often include playing and drawing. Some people may wish to talk together from the beginning of therapy, while others may prefer some individual time with their family therapist before deciding whether and how to share their thoughts and feelings with others. The family therapist will discuss with you how you would like to work together.

What are the difficulties that family therapy tries to solve?

Research shows that family therapy is useful for children, young people, adults and older people in a wide range of difficulties and circumstances, including:

Couples in relationship difficulties
Child and adolescent mental health problems
Mental health problems for adults
Children, adolescents and adults with behavioural problems
Parenting issues
Illness and disability in the family
Separation, divorce for the couple or the family (parents sometimes find it difficult to separate from their children)
Anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders
Sponsorship, adoption, kinship and the needs of children
Domestic violence and abuse
Drugs and alcohol abuse
The effects of trauma
Difficulties associated with ageing and other life cycle changes.

Are the sessions covered by social security?

No, the social security does not reimburse the sessions. However, some private insurance companies may have partial coverage.

Do family therapists only work with families?

No, they can see children and adults individually and/or in groups of family members. They can work with couples, or with other groups and communities, and with people of all ages, from children to the elderly.

How long will it take?

Sometimes it doesn't take much to help people release their strengths and find solutions. Sometimes the difficulties are more complex and families may need more time to find solutions that work for them. I will be happy to discuss times and deadlines with you.

What is meant by "family"?

Different cultures and different groups of people have different notions of what "family" means. I take the word "family" to mean any group of people who define themselves as such, who care for and look after each other.

What if one is reluctant to meet with a therapist?

Sometimes when a person or group is keen to try others close to them may be more reluctant. This is understandable. Entering family therapy is a big step and some people are more willing to take it than others.

It may be useful to arrange an initial meeting to discuss the possibility of working together and to give everyone a chance to express their concerns.

Are the sessions confidential?


Absolutely, it's in the code of ethics of any therapist or mediator.

What if I have more questions?

You are likely to have more questions specific to your situation. You may, for example, have questions about the confidentiality of what is discussed in therapy, what might be included in the sessions, the time, place and duration of meetings, costs and fees for cancelled appointments. You may want to know more about the therapist's experience and professional training. These are important questions and I will be happy to discuss them with you in our first conversation or meeting. Most of the answers can be found in this site.

Browsing this site should answer many of your questions.

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